Zoldi jewels

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ZÓLDI is an young, bright, daring jewelry brand based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

ZÓLDI is silver and 18 k gold-plated jewelry brand, handcrafted by experts and manufacturers the brand knows personally. Thrilled by beautiful minds, it claims that behind every successful woman is herself. Jewels that live with you, not on you is ZÓLDI manifest. It carries a stamp of exceptional quality and style on every ZÓLDI creation. Challenge makes it move forward fast and bring into the world real You, who is smart, confident...CUTE, BUT DEVILISH INSIDE.

Welcome to ZÓLDI family!


Our goal was to create a playful, modern, expressive branding identity is far from traditional jewelry brand. The project includes a brand's concept, photos and videos to campaign, packaging system, stationery system as well as creation online store and photo content for the website.

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Design and art direction: Lana Lomakina
Printing: Alan Bur
Photography: Anatoly Vasiliev