The dreamers cafe

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The gastronomic “Mechtateli” (“Dreamers”) cafe in the center of Saint Petersburg, at the Fontanka river embankment, combines three elements. Haute cuisine is supplemented with a wine list with interesting examples from all over the world, and excellent coffee which is treated reverently and professionally here.


Inspired by the originality of the cuisine and the brutality of the interior, we created a brand based on the contrast of these two components. Combined with rigid materials and laconic typography the surrealistic illustrations in engraving stylistics disclose the concept of the restaurant.

We thought through the identity in a manner that the main carriers could be done right in the restaurant itself : all the glasses and «to go» packages are pasted with stamps and stickers, specially designed tablets provide changing pages in the menu that are printed and supplemented with an embossed stamp. The simplicity of production significantly reduces the cost of the main carriers and allows you not to depend on the contractors at the critical time.


Design and illustration
Lomakina Svetlana

Alan Bur

Anatoly Vasiliev
Dmitrii Suhamero

Interior photography
Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov