Habit coffee

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Habit is a bright and ambitious project created by professionals with extensive experience in the coffee industry.
One of the main aspirations of Habit is to create a habit of living freely and brightly in a world where each glass of coffee is not just a drink prepared by the skillful hands of a barista, but also an emotion that sets the tone for the whole day.


The name Habit and the brand's philosophy became the starting point for us to develop a visual identity.
Habit is a project more than about coffee, it is about emotions, freedom, and the habit of treating yourself.
Bright and bold, it kind of tells us: "A bad day? — Maybe coffee?", "A good day? — Coffee?" No matter what happens and wherever you are — find the time to treat yourself.
We tried to reflect all these ideas in branding, where the logo is a dynamic free form that can fill the entire surface, hide in a corner, or even start dancing around with the slogan — the features of complete freedom. And ironic characters always find time for a cup of coffee in any given situation;)


Art direction: Lana Lomakina
Design: Lana Lomakina, Sergey Poluhin
Photography: Lana Lomakina, Daniil Zherdev
Printing: Alan Bur