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Grills is a type of removable jewelry worn over the teeth. They came in our life directly from hip-hop culture in the early 1980s.
Grills became even more popular in the 2010's, thanks to the wide dissemination of hip-hop in pop culture.
Today grills are worn not only by Kanye, ASAP Rocky, Jay-Z and other rap and R'n'b artists, everyone from Kim Kardashian
to Madonna decorate their teeth.


G'glaze is a young and bold jewelry brand based in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The jewelers and dentists team has come together to create something new in the Russian jewelry industry.
For G'glaze a grillz not only a distinctive part of hip-hop culture or just a fashion jewelry. They perceive grillz like one of the forms of art which is addressed to people who are not afraid to make their own rules.

And we helped them create branding that has got balls. From the logotype to Instagram content.


Art direction and design: Lana Lomakina
Printing: Alan Bur
Web development: Victor Shkidina

Object photography: Anatoly Vasiliev

Photo campaign:
Photography: Danil Yaroshuk​​​​​​​
Producing: Lana Lomakina
Style: Sergey Cake Monster
Makeup: Yana Zhikhareva
Hair: Roman Gabrielian, Evgeny Prozorov (Park studio by Osipchuk)
Models: Claver Zamble, Alina Ngoteni, Arthur Daniyarov, Karina Loginova