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Frummy delivers fresh fruit  and vegetables from all over the world straight to your doorstep. Watermelons in December in Russia - ok! Exotic fruits from anywhere in the world - no problem! Together with a nutritionist Frummy makes fruit and vegetables sets for proper nutrition as well as juice & smoothy detox programmes which will help you become powerful, energized, kickass version of yourself. Green is the new black. Frummy takes care of nature, so when you order again, courier takes away all the packaging and your sorted garbage for recycling.


Frummy asked our team to create naming, visual identity, packaging system and visual language to promote the brand.
And we tried to do it as juicy and fresh as the products that Frummy delivers. We chose a bold and strong typeface to communicate playfull, strong messages and titles, in order to emphasize brand openness. We used white as a symbol of lightness, as a basis, and added bright juicy accents to this mix.


Design, art direction & set design: Lana Lomakina
Printing: Alan Bur
Photography: Anatoly Vasiliev