Fruit up!

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FRUIT UP! is a new supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables in the restaurant market of St. Petersburg. FRUIT UP! cooperates directly with the producers of fruits and vegetables all over the world.Having knowledge of his business, easy and amiable supplier offers customers a completely new service system. Fully understanding the customer`s needs, he can find any rare products and deliver the order even at night. FRUIT UP! is an active participant in the restaurant life of the city, supports young chefs, organizes master classes and meetings with professionals from gastronomy, introduces the actual gastronomic trends.


During the discussion of the project with the client, we realized that his company is not a boring logistics company at all that could have a motto on the web page as "we have the best selection of fruits and vegetables." An excellent customer`s service is already laid in the foundation and there is no need to scream about it. Being smart, self-ironic, self-confident people - they wanted something new. And we create a juicy, bright and bold title and a visual identity that significantly distinguishes the brand in the HoReCa market.
There are more than 100 pictures that can not be confused or copied, printed materials that you will not ever want to dismiss out of your hands (yes, we can:)), typical packages make it clear about a completely new creative approach to work that is different from competitors.

You can see most of the pictures in the Instagram account @fruitup.
Unfortunately, some of the large-scale carriers are not included into the presentation. So if you ever notice any cars in Petersburg with a familiar title, wave them :)

Art direction and design: Lana Lomakina 
Printing: Alan Bur
Web development: Victor Shkidina
Photography: Anatoly Vasiliev