We give your brand a kick
into the real world

We are an independent design agency located in Russia (currently) and working with clients all over the globe. Our experience and audacity allow us to cover a large number of design directions: branding, digital, photo/video production, as well as objects concepts and interior design solutions and to receive work results with the highest level of details.


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What we love to do

Visual branding
Graphic design
Web design

Visual content creation

Objects and installations
Interior design solutions

Selected Clients

G’glaze(Rus), Zoldi(UAE), FruitUp(Rus), MONOCHROME(Rus), Artisan Spirits(UK), Primrose(Rus), Clare Blanc(Pl), Frummy(Rus), Pure Sense(Rus)

We will be happy to add your company name to this list (or we will first create it as a Naming part for your business)

Lana Lomakina Founder, Art Director, Producer, Designer



Sergey Poluhin Partner, Art Director, International (Fair) Manager, Designer



Our manifest
  • 1/ We appreciate sincere emotions and self-irony most of all
  • 2/ We don’t work for a company — we work for people
  • 3/ There is nothing worse than «Normal». Normal is our biggest enemy
  • 4/ Trust is the foundation of a good project
  • 5/ We don't have managers, we talk to our clients like we talk to our friends, we believe it's the only way to understand each other
  • 6/ Do not judge other people otherwise you crack your brains
  • 7/ Always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things
    from - it’s where you take them to"

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f61 is a small studio with a family team and we don't hire often staffer on full time positions. But if your desire to work with us is huge — email us a link to your portfolio and a short story about you.